Our translation service is multi-layered and specific to the needs of sensitive scientific and medically related material, truly unique to the industry. We translate all types of scientific documents and technical websites.


Highly technical, specialized material requires a highly skilled and specialized translator. Turning your research over to a  generalist-driven, anonymous translation company results in poor translations of your research, which is a disadvantage both to you and the scientific community at large. ScienceDocs translators have a unique set of technical expertise, not just a language skill. As such, specific translators are chosen that match the material, and as our client you will have the confidence that the best specialist is on the project.





ScienceDocs has become a rapidly growing company and the languages we are capable of translating into and out of English have increased to include:


  • Afrikaans
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Romanian
  • Belarusian
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Bosnian
  • Hungarian
  • Serbian
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Slovak
  • Croatian
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Don't see your language? We are continually

expanding this service. Please contact us to

inquire if it is available!

  • Czech
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Dutch
  • Lithuanian
  • Turkish
  • Farsi
  • Malay
  • Ukrainian
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Polish





Due to the collaborative efforts among the translators, editors and scientists of ScienceDocs, we have been able to keep our rates competitive with other simpler translation services on the market. Our quotes are based on SOURCE counts whenever possible so that you will know the cost of the translation up front.  To present you with the most accurate quote, please fill out our translating quote sheet.


We must have your files to be able to present you with any kind of a reliable quote for your translation project. We will send you an invoice over email with a link to our secure portal to process your payment over credit card. Once processed, your work is immediately begun. If you require a different type of payment system, we can also accommodate bank transfers.