Biostatistics and Study Design Consultation


Our clients come to us for the kind of expertise and specialization that they are simply unable to find at their own institutions or elsewhere.  There are over 25 of the world’s finest biostatisticians and epidemiologists with ScienceDocs.  They are all well-published experts in their fields and highly sought-after specialists in the industry.  All of the experts within our Consulting Division are attached to academic institutions and as such they fully understand your situation and are intimately familiar with the publishing process.


Our clients often request that we work collaboratively as a partner in the publishing process or at the grant proposal stage.  On top of our known high-quality expertise, ScienceDocs is a minority female-owned company, which has distinct advantages in any government-funded research efforts. If you are interested in this and you are a university researcher, please inquire with us if we are a vender of your university. In other cases, we simply provide an hourly support service.


Our consulting service can work seamlessly with our programming and data analyses services, or as a stand-alone service. The consulting can take place at any stage of the research, and can inherently take many forms, though our clients seem to have the greatest need for consultation at the beginning stages of a study. Many important questions may be unanswered in the conception of a study, even by experienced researchers. Some examples include:


  • How can I determine whether to control for a potential confounder in the study design or with statistical analyses?
  • How should I best sample my population? Randomly? Matching? Blocking? Self-Selection?
  • Should I stratify my population in the design or in the statistical analyses?
  • Is my sample size large enough to detect a clinically important finding?
  • Are my inclusion and exclusion criteria appropriate for sufficient generalizability?
  • How accurate are my data collection methods? What kind of masking is required?
  • What kind of follow-up period do I need, and how am I going to account for drop-outs and cross-overs?
  • Do I need to collect data from study participants who were not eligible or chose not to participate in the study?
  • What should I do with my missing data and outliers?
  • Is it important to note any interactive or synergistic effects? How I can I best determine this?



Our services are malleable to the needs of our clients. Consulting commonly is done over email and consists of reviews of documents, spreadsheets, proposals and statistical files. We also often consult over the phone in three-hour blocks.  We can offer study design and/or biostatistical consultations at any stage of research and for nearly any specific field.



We sincerely appreciate your visit here, and hope to form a lasting relationship with you. Please check out our other services, and fill out a consulting quote sheet anytime -- with no commitment on your part and a complimentary service from all of us here at ScienceDocs.